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Will McCutcheon Decision help the House Majority?

To say the Republican majority has struggled with the influence of outside groups during the past two congresses is to put it mildly. These groups have stymied progress on major legislation, counseled members into bad strategic stances with serious economic … Continue reading

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Yes, Elections are Cultivating Polarization. But…

Competition for power, gerrymandering, disappearing marginal districts define Congress’s electoral landscape. Today, the American electorate is both closely divided and increasingly uncompetitive. In other words, partisan majorities are narrower today than at any time since the Civil War but congressional … Continue reading

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The House’s Competitiveness Problem… or Lack Thereof

At my other blog at the Government Affairs Institute, I have a post up on the increasing uncompetitiveness of U.S. House districts. There are signs that House elections may be increasingly affected by national trends. However, the flip side is … Continue reading

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Are Members of Congress “Truthful?” A Response to the PolitiFact Study

The Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) at George Mason University released a report examining PolitiFact ratings gauging Republicans’ and Democrats’ “truthfulness.”  PolitiFact developed their so-called “truth-o-meter” (pictured at right) which rates politicians’ statements as “true,” “mostly true,” “half true,” “mostly … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the South Carolina Special Election

Voters in South Carolina’s 1st  district head to the polls today for a special election.  What follows is my perspective on the election with links to worthwhile readings on the race. The Tale of the Tape PPP polled the 1st … Continue reading

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