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An Ideological Mapping of South Carolina’s Senate Candidates

When it comes to politics, South Carolina is full of intrigue. From Lee Atwater’s Southern Strategy and the 2000 Republican primary to Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” and Stephen Colbert’s rally with Herman Cain, the Palmetto State routinely produces compelling political storylines. … Continue reading

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Who’s the Worst President? Evaluating the Quinnipiac Poll

Quinnipiac University’s “worst president” poll got a lot of press. Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, Fox, and virtually every other news outlet have carried the headline, “Obama is the Worst President since WWII.” This particular survey question is press-chum. The … Continue reading

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Let’s Pump the Brakes on Congressional Approval Bashing

Let me start with this: yes, America hates Congress. With few exceptions Congress very rarely enjoys high job approval. Job disapproval is in some ways built into the institution’s DNA. However, recently it has been common for people to equate … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the South Carolina Special Election

Voters in South Carolina’s 1st  district head to the polls today for a special election.  What follows is my perspective on the election with links to worthwhile readings on the race. The Tale of the Tape PPP polled the 1st … Continue reading

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Colbert Busch vs. Sanford: Who Will They Represent?

Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford met last night for the first—and presumably only—televised debate for South Carolina’s vacant 1st congressional seat.  There were a few notable exchanges.  For example, Colbert Busch hit Sanford on his extramarital affair, and after … Continue reading

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