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The omnibus is here! And some things to clear up about congressional budget politics.

Originally published at the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University House and Senate leaders will push through an omnibus spending package this week. The bill combines 11 appropriations bills for the final months of the FY2017 calendar. Democrats walked away … Continue reading

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New Budget Drama and Procedural Inventiveness. Got to love the House.

The optimism following the 2-year budget deal struck last October is officially over. Many House majority members who were unhappy with the deal remain unhappy. Over the past month House conservatives have signaled they will not vote for a budget … Continue reading

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What does DHS/immigration tell us about the power of Congress and the President?

Institutional power is more of an academic topic. Nonetheless, it has enormous ramifications. The current immigration debate is a great example of that. Despite the rhetoric around the DHS debate, America has never had a dictator president – the current … Continue reading

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Budget Process Improvement Act of 2011

A new bipartisan budget reform proposal is out. My representative sent this most recent bill to my email labelled as a plan to fix the budget process. Representatives Daniel Webster (R-FL), Jim Rennaci (R-OH), John Carney (D-DE), Larry Buschon (R-IN), … Continue reading

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Shutdown Roundtable: Lessons from 1994?

Here at Rule22, we decided to try something new: we’re each going to weigh in on the looming government shutdown.  Josh’s excellent post, if you haven’t read it, suggests that the Democratic strategy of co-opting the Republican agenda, which has … Continue reading

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