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Jim DeMint’s Retirement: Good News or Bad News for Lindsey Graham?

So yeah, this happened.  While Jim DeMint had publicly stated he would not run seek reelection in 2016, today’s announcement is surprising nonetheless.  And as if his premature retirement wasn’t enough, DeMint has reportedly told state Republicans he wants freshman representative Tim Scott (R … Continue reading

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Obligatory Electoral College Maps Are Obligatory

If the antiquated Electoral College is good for one thing, it’s making fun maps.  Here are some Electoral College results you might see tomorrow morning (or late tonight if you’re a political junkie).  You can make your own map at … Continue reading

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The Veepstakes: What’s the Electoral Value of a Vice President?

A few hours ago, Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan as his running mate.  It seems obvious that in picking Ryan, Romney is trying to solidify his position with fiscal conservatives and doubling down on the economy.  Personally, I think it’s … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Americans Elect, Polarization and Gridlock

In January I was invited to speak at a roundtable hosted by Americans Elect–a nonpartisan presidential nominating organization.  As you may know, Americans Elect (AE) has garnered quite a bit of attention this election cycle from academics and pundits alike (see here for … Continue reading

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In Defense of South Carolina: Institutions Matter

We all know the story of the 2000 Republican presidential primary in South Carolina.  John McCain won New Hampshire by double digits, leading a massive increase in campaign donations, campaign volunteers and press.  In response, the Bush campaign went negative in South … Continue reading

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Does Iowa Matter?

In the mist of an extremely long presidential primary and campaign – as long or longer than I can remember – conversations always reach this question: “Who cares about Iowa?” Obviously campaign fatigue has already hit 10 months out from … Continue reading

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On Perry’s Plan: The Relationship Between Congressional Salary and Political Corruption

The other day Rick Perry released his plan to “uproot” the federal government.  The first item on Perry’s list is a proposal to create what he calls a “part-time citizen Congress.” Presumably, Perry wants this citizen Congress to earn less than $20,000 a … Continue reading

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