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Left and Right are Still Important: The Flux of National Debate

Ezra Klein is frustrated with the fluctuation in party positions. His most damaging critique of this dynamic: “Parties — particularly when they’re in the minority — care more about power than policy.” And parties’ fluctuation in their respective policy positions “make … Continue reading

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On (the lack of) Gun Control Laws: How Much is the NRA to Blame?

Following the horrific events in Tucson last Saturday, it is little surprise that Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) and several other members of Congress are moving to re-instate several gun control measures.  Meanwhile,  gun sales went up dramatically this past week, in … Continue reading

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The Marginal Significance of NY-26

Much has been made of Kathy Hochul’s victory in New York’s 26th congressional district–a district that has elected a Republican since 1970.  Most observers have cited her victory as a “referendum” on the Republican Party and Paul Ryan’s proposed budget … Continue reading

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“Mitch-slapped GOP,” Really?

Politico, an organization I have a lot of respect for, and one of the webpages I read daily, posted an article about 30 minutes ago on Mitch Daniels’ (the Indiana governor) decision not to run for president. First, I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Obama’s Birth Certificate: Diminishing Marginal Utility and Finite Agenda Space

I posted this on Seth Masket’s facebook page a moment ago (see his blog here).  Seth asked why Obama released his birth certificate now when there is presumably an electoral incentive to keep the issue alive (given that it makes Republican candidates like Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Framing Collective Bargaining…Rights

Across the country, public sector unions are in engaged in a fairly bitter struggle with conservatives over the issue of collective bargaining.  (I initially wrote “fiscal conservatives,” but those on the left would counter that this fight has nothing to … Continue reading

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Proposition 19: A “Moment of Clarity?”

Josh and I thought we would collaborate for a post on one of this election’s direct democracy initiatives in California, Proposition 19. He and I, along with Dan Smith, have a paper coming out in American Politics Research on the … Continue reading

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