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Strange Bedfellows: Why Jonathan Chait Should Root for Ohio State this Saturday

Jonathan Chait graduated from the University of Michigan in 1994.  If you follow him on Twitter or read his columns at The New Republic, you know that, in addition to his left-leaning politics, he’s also an avid college football fan.  … Continue reading

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On Perry’s Plan: The Relationship Between Congressional Salary and Political Corruption

The other day Rick Perry released his plan to “uproot” the federal government.  The first item on Perry’s list is a proposal to create what he calls a “part-time citizen Congress.” Presumably, Perry wants this citizen Congress to earn less than $20,000 a … Continue reading

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And it happened…

This is what happens when you play chicken with an economic freight train. If you’re interested in academic takes on the credit downgrade, I recommend the following links: Layna Mosley, Seth Masket, John Sides and Ezra Klein. I’ll have more … Continue reading

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