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How Likely is an Overthrow of the Speaker?

In the wake of the CR and debt limit debates, some are asking if Boehner will lose his job. I have a post over at the GAI blog outlining the likelihood of various scenarios.

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The House’s Competitiveness Problem… or Lack Thereof

At my other blog at the Government Affairs Institute, I have a post up on the increasing uncompetitiveness of U.S. House districts. There are signs that House elections may be increasingly affected by national trends. However, the flip side is … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Josh and Nate!

I wanted to take a moment for a little Rule 22 self-promotion.  Congratulations are in order for a supermajority of this blog. Last week, Josh was awarded the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship–the oldest and most prestigious fellowship for any student … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Highlights from the Blogosphere

If you were suspicious of the claim that 98% of Catholic women used birth control, it turns out you had good reason. Lydia McGrew breaks down the study Democrats used for that talking point. Matt Glassman has a nice post on … Continue reading

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Super Committee Agrees On One Thing: John Kerry Talks Too Much

A little bit of super committee satire courtsey of  My favorite part: “Look, I like John. He’s a friend, but when you get him talking about government spending multipliers, wow, he can talk for weeks,” said one Democratic member … Continue reading

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People know why the Senate is Weird, Quick Hit Style

We’re swinging back into a semi-normal routine after vacation. If you haven’t already read the BE Press Forum on the Senate, it has several very solid articles from multiple leading Senate scholars. If you have the time and interest, I … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Jonathan Bernstein’s Foresight

Reading through some old posts I came across Jonathan Bernstein’s TNR article from 12/2 aptly titled “Yes, Newt’s Up in the Polls. No, You Shouldn’t Take His Candidacy Seriously.” The relevant info is in the title.  Now the blogosphere can be … Continue reading

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