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How Likely is an Overthrow of the Speaker?

In the wake of the CR and debt limit debates, some are asking if Boehner will lose his job. I have a post over at the GAI blog outlining the likelihood of various scenarios.

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The House’s Competitiveness Problem… or Lack Thereof

At my other blog at the Government Affairs Institute, I have a post up on the increasing uncompetitiveness of U.S. House districts. There are signs that House elections may be increasingly affected by national trends. However, the flip side is … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Josh and Nate!

I wanted to take a moment for a little Rule 22 self-promotion.  Congratulations are in order for a supermajority of this blog. Last week, Josh was awarded the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship–the oldest and most prestigious fellowship for any student … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Highlights from the Blogosphere

If you were suspicious of the claim that 98% of Catholic women used birth control, it turns out you had good reason. Lydia McGrew breaks down the study Democrats used for that talking point. Matt Glassman has a nice post on … Continue reading

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Super Committee Agrees On One Thing: John Kerry Talks Too Much

A little bit of super committee satire courtsey of  My favorite part: “Look, I like John. He’s a friend, but when you get him talking about government spending multipliers, wow, he can talk for weeks,” said one Democratic member … Continue reading

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