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Left and Right are Still Important: The Flux of National Debate

Ezra Klein is frustrated with the fluctuation in party positions. His most damaging critique of this dynamic: “Parties — particularly when they’re in the minority — care more about power than policy.” And parties’ fluctuation in their respective policy positions “make … Continue reading

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Does Iowa Matter?

In the mist of an extremely long presidential primary and campaign – as long or longer than I can remember – conversations always reach this question: “Who cares about Iowa?” Obviously campaign fatigue has already hit 10 months out from … Continue reading

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FDR v. Obama’s Leadership

David Westen wrote an article in the NYT comparing Obama’s leadership to FDR. This is a pretty vogue comparison because it compares two Democratic presidents in the myst of an economic recession (or depression). It’s poignant because we expect larger than life … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling and the Decline of American Democracy

Jacob Hacker and Oona Hathaway, both professors at Yale University, have a very good op-ed in today’s New York Times. I definitely recommend it. To sum up their argument, the U.S. has a democracy problem. The U.S. Government is unable … Continue reading

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“Why won’t They Reform the Filibuster?”

Ezra Klein posted an article Friday about “Six things Obama has done Wrong.” His last point on the administration’s failures is their inability to change the filibuster. The filibuster has undoubtedly created problems for Democrats. As Klein mentioned, it held … Continue reading

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Explaining White House Chief of Staff Departures

As Pete Rouse assumed the mantle of the “2nd most powerful person in the US” I grew interested in the institutional factors that predict White House Chief of Staff turnover and tenure.  I compiled a list of the chiefs of … Continue reading

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Grading Presidential Rhetoric using Readability Software

If you were a junior high or high school teacher interested in assigning presidential speeches for your American Government class, which presidential speeches would you assign and to whom?  My sense is that most would assign speeches by George W. … Continue reading

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